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ESP - (Electronic Shooters Protection)

At Electronic Shooters Protection (also known as ESP America), they specialize in custom ear plugs to serve as your hearing protector. Proper in-ear hearing protection can save you from a lifetime of hearing problems or complete hearing loss. Even the most experienced shooters will deliberately leave their hearing protection or ear plugs at home, believing that they can hear their quarry better without. While in short term this may be true, the damage to their hearing is irreversible. their electronic hearing protection provides defense against serious damage while still allowing you to hear clearly.

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Other Hearing Protection

Did you know the sound of gunfire is the most hazardous non-occupational noise that Americans are exposed to? It's possible that a single shot with an unprotected ear can lead to immediate and permanent hearing loss, often accompanied by tinnitus (ringing, hissing or humming in the ears). Just because you might have shot without protection in the past, and without apparent hearing loss, does not mean you might not get hurt the next time. A dangerous sound is anything over 85dB. Most gun shots average a dB level of 157. It's important to wear hearing protection every time you shoot a gun to avoid possible hearing damage.

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