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Pilla Glasses

For over 20 years, Pilla Performance Eyewear has believed that if we follow these simple beliefs, we would be able to confidently rise everyday knowing that we stand alone in providing the very best in performance eyewear.

1. We know we create visual equipment that adds value to an athletes performance.
2. We know function rules over style.
3. We know substance trumps hype.
4. We know anything less than perfection is not worth doing.
5. We know that to be the best in the world is no small challenge and we gladly accept the challenge.

We have partnered with ZEISS to offer the finest in visual lens science. ZEISS has been producing optical perfection since 1846 and is recognized as the international leader in optics. Pilla is proud to engineer the finest products in the world with a company that holds the same beliefs.

RX styles available: Raptors, 580, 540, and Outlaw x6 & x7

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