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The ISIS II Light Recoil Reducer

Recoil is something we would rather not experience when firing a gun. Whilst it is not possible to eliminate recoil altogether, with the ISIS II Recoil Damper it is now possible to make it considerably more comfortable.

We Are The Largest Installer/Retailer Of Isis Systems In The Continental United States.

Do Not Hesitate To Call If You Need Any Advice Or Info On Isis Recoil Systems.


The reduction in felt recoil will not only make your shooting more comfortable and pleasurable, it will probably improve your accuracy as well. A highly efficient, compact and lightweight recoil reducer that has the looks of a conventional recoil pad. Making the body of the unit from high quality impact-resistance polymer is a major breakthrough in recoil reducer design.

There is virtually no alteration to the balance of the gun.

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