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Shotgun Fitting Services

We offer anything from quick fits in the trailer to professional fitting sessions which include shooting clays, mental/mechanics training and advice. We are noted for taking your gun and doing whatever is necessary to make it shoot where you look and make the gun more comfortable. Mike will also work with the shooter to improve your mechanics and overall shooting style and approach to the target. Women, youth shooters, and new shooters are no problem and will greatly benefit from our services. Please note that fittings are normally done by appointment.


Stock Work and Gunsmithing

Stock Alterations including reshaping, length alterations, recoil pad installation with Kick-Eeze pads, pitch modifications, adjustable buttplates, adjustable combs, and recoil reducers. We offer Graco adjustable comb hardware and Gracoil recoil reducers. PMS Firearms is also the larget installer ISIS recoil systems in the US. Solving your recoil related issues is one of our specialities.

General Gunsmithing, Including Complete Overhauls

Trigger Work, Action Work, General Repairs And Maintenance On All Types Of Target Shotguns, including complete overhauls.

The ISIS II Light Recoil Reducer:

Recoil is something we would rather not experience when firing a gun. Whilst it is not possible to eliminate recoil altogether, with the ISIS II Recoil Damper it is now possible to make it considerably more comfortable.

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